Today begins a brand new year. And here goes the New Years Resolutions.

If I could be honest, I’ve never been much on resolutions because rarely do I fulfill them. Sure, I start out with a bang, but it doesn’t take long before life gets in the way and those New Years’ goals fall to the wayside.

But I’m sure we can all agree on something…

We all want this upcoming year to be filled with wonderful promise and great success.

Here are a few common resolutions: lose weight, get fit, eat healthier, spend more time with family, be less stressed, spend less money, try something new. And the list goes on and on…

No doubt, most of us can relate to at least one of them. I can relate to all of them.

For Christians, here are a few more… grow ministry, reach out to more people, love more, share the gospel, find out where God wants me to serve, and choose to do God’s will.

These are all admirable and I give credit to those who are disciplined enough to carry through and have seen amazing changes in their life during the year.

But discipline has never been my strong suit. I’m disciplined in some things, but other things, not so much.

However, as I spent time in prayer this morning, the Lord spoke to my heart about one goal I need to set this year – a worthy goal for all of us.

I can do one goal. How about you?

When God speaks, I need to listen.Starting Over New Year Religious PowerPoint

Actually, the Apostle Paul set this goal. Here’s what he said…

“Everything is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ and become one with him…I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead” (Philippians 3:8-10).

Wow! The greatest evangelist of the first century penned these words after years of ministry and suffering for Christ.

So as I look to this new year, here’s the most important thing I will strive for…


If Paul says that everything else in life dims in comparison to knowing Christ, then that’s enough for me.

Is it enough for you, too?

Family is important! Work is important! Ministry is important! Friends are important! Living life to the fullest is important!

But here’s a question I’m asking myself? Where does God fit into my life? I’m not talking about church, ministry, or fellowship with other like-minded believers.

I’m talking about God. I’m talking about getting to God.

Even though I have been walking with Christ the majority of my life, graduated with a degree in Bible, and have been writing and teaching Bible studies for 20+ years, I still have so much more to learn about my God.

Something tells me that Paul felt the same way. 

Imagine how pleased God would be if we all set this as our #1 goal and worked with our whole heart to fulfill it.

Imagine how our lives would change.

When we put knowing God at the top of our list, then everything else falls into place. Life makes sense, our circumstances take a back seat, our relationships become stronger, our homes fill up with greater joy, our faith catapults to new levels, and we have peace of mind. 

So, don’t you think this is a worthy goal, and one that should be placed at the top of our New Years’ Resolution list?

Here are some ways I will try and achieve it in my life…

Read my Bible more.

Spend more time in prayer. *Including time for worship, confession, thanksgiving, and petition

Get involved in group Bible study. *We can learn a lot from each other

Read more resource books from reputable Christian authors. *many of them inspire me in my quest to know God more and they show me deeper things from God’s Word.

Listen to more sermons/teachings by reputable preachers and teachers. 

I hope that I will bring glory to God by putting these things above everything else. I want to make them a priority.

We may need to make some adjustments to accomplish this – like watching less t.v., getting up earlier, taking some things out, etc. 

But as my Grandma used to say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

So, will you join me? Will you make this your #1 resolution for the new year? Please let us all know by saying “I’m In” in the comment section.

A Radical Year Christian PowerPointLet’s make this a radical year of transformation by seeking to know God more.

Have a great year, my friends.

Love and blessings,

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