About Sheryl

FullSizeRenderFor those who want a professional bio, please check below. But for the others, I thought I would share a few of my favorite and not-so-favorite things.

Here’s what I love: Jesus, my family, God’s Word, teaching Bible studies, worshiping with other like-minded believers, getting together with friends, serving at my church, laughing, and encouraging others. I can’t leave out that I also love chocolate (my family thinks I could live on the stuff), going to the beach, walking, puppies, and playing games with my family. Of course, there are many more things I love because I simply love life and every day is a treasure from God.

Here’s what I’m just not fond of: winter (but we just relocated from Michigan to South Carolina, so the winters are much better here), driving behind slow moving vehicles, smoke, coffee (I know…really??), complaining, getting sick, bugs, sweating, and dreary days.

Here’s the thing… Jesus has given me so much and I just want to give back to Him in whatever ways I can. I love ministering to people and shining His light. I am still in this race and you are too. So, let’s hold that torch up high and keep our eyes focused on the finish line.

Professional Bio

Sheryl grew up in a Christian home and at the age of nine, she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior. By high school, though, her future plans seemed to be focused on what she wanted, not on what God wanted. Sheryl is always amazed at what measures God will go to get our attention. The winter of her junior year in high school, Sheryl had an opportunity to attend a retreat her church youth group sponsored. Several of her friends were going, so she decided to attend as well, not realizing that God had a bigger plan. It was at this event, while listening to a speaker talk about God’s love, Sheryl surrendered her life to His will. From that moment forward, she was never the same.

She began to serve God by teaching Sunday School, counseling at summer camp programs, and diligently studying the Word of God. At the age of 21, Sheryl began attending William Tyndale College (formerly Detroit Bible College) in Farmington Hills, Michigan. While attending Bible College, Sheryl experienced a deep transformation. As she began to inductively study God’s Word, she learned that His Word is the absolute truth. She quickly found out that this authoritative book holds for the believer healing, hope, and guidance for our daily lives.

With this new-found knowledge and now fully committed to His purposes, Sheryl began to ask God to reveal His plan for her life. She graduated from Bible College in May 1983. The next month, Lou and Sheryl married, and two years later, their daughter arrived. Two years after that, their son was born. When her children were young, God began to lead Sheryl on a path of spiritual revival through prayer and the study of His Word. This experience launched Sheryl into a new ministry of writing and teaching Bible studies. And Sheryl has had the privilege to encourage women across the world in their relationship with the Lord.

Several years ago, Sheryl began to teach Bible studies online. That led to beginning a Bible study blog that she believes will reach many more with the life-changing gospel message. Not long ago, Sheryl and Lou relocated from Michigan to South Carolina. They love their new life in the south.

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