What have you been listening to lately? The clatter of busyness? The opinions of others? The racket of social media? The roar of the enemy?

You have to agree with me that we are surrounded by noise. Loud noise! And when we focus on all the worldly commotion, we often forget what God tells us.

We lose track of important truths. Truths that can change everything for us.

So today, I want to bring to our attention these Scriptural certainties.

I hope you’ll take some time to allow each of them to puncture into the deep places of your heart.

Here we go…

1. God is still God!

I remember one particular troubling time for me. The struggle was deep and intense. My heart was shattered.

It seemed I couldn’t get a grasp on the turmoil enveloping my spirit. As I walked outside one night, I cried out to God.

I heard God speak to me. He doesn’t have to say a lot of things for our hearts to flutter at the sound of His voice.

He said…

I am still God!
I am still seated on the throne!
I am still in control!

WOW! At these reminders, the despair lifted. So no matter what’s going in your life, remember that God is STILL God.

He is the absolute authority over this world and over your life. That will NEVER change.

2. God defines you, not your circumstances or your past!

Freedom comes when we stop letting our circumstances or our past define us. 

If you watched the movie “Soul Surfer” several years ago, you know it’s a true story of a young surfer girl who had her arm taken off by a shark. 

But as time went on, she did not allow this horrific thing to define her. She did not live with a defeated attitude. Bethany Hamilton learned to overcome. 

I know many who walk around with the word “failure” written on their forehead. Here’s the thing: we will fail sometimes. Life will disrupt our plans. 

But remembering that God defines you will give you the strength to conquer anything that happens to you. 

3. Truth always prevails!

It’s easy to believe that what has been said about us – the lies – will win. It’s easy to believe that the evil around us will prevail. 

Satan is strong! Satan does his homework! And he has many more evil plans hatched.

But it’s important to remember that in the end, truth will come out on top. This is true of the world, and it’s true in our lives as well.

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31-32). 

So hang tight to truth and trust in what the Bible says. 

4. Jesus is the TRUE Vine!

A vine gives life to the branches. But the branches need to stay connected to it in order to bear fruit. 

Jesus gives a whole discourse on the Vine and the branches in John 15. He said, “I am the true Vine” (John 15:1).

I believe that what He’s saying is that He is the only One who can give us life and sustain us.

However, we often look to other things or people for our sustenance. We think our joy and abundant living is found in people, circumstances, our job, our success, and our social circle. 

We cling to those things. But because those things are of human origin, they will fail us. 

That’s why it’s important we draw all of our strength and our resources from the TRUE Vine. That’s when we will finally enjoy the rich life Jesus came to give us.

5. God’s opinion is the most important one!

I have lived the majority of my life being more concerned with what others thought than with what God thought. 

Perhaps you can relate. 

In the end though, God’s opinion is the only one that will stand. 

We need to live our lives by the standards God set down. Love God. Love others. Serve others. Humble ourselves. Etc, etc…

Living our life to please God is the best way to live.

Our audience is to ONE!

6. Prayer moves the hand of God!


I’ve been pondering today’s post. And this point has been ringing in my ears.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a heavy heart. Finally, after tossing and turning for what seemed like an eternity, I remembered that prayer moves the hand of God.

So I prayed. I quoted Scripture and paced the floor. I battled for the heart of my beloved one.

Psalm 18 was my sword. 

If you feel the nudge of the Spirit to pray, then make sure to do it. Nothing moves the hand of God more than prayer.

7. God is always faithful!

What God says, He will do. Faithfulness is His character. 

He says He will protect you. He says He will give you strength. He says He will help you. 

And He will! He is faithful to His Word. You can count on Him.

8. Jesus meets you in the middle of your difficulty!

You are NEVER alone. 

Are you sad right now? Have you given up? Do you long for this trial to pass? Is your situation too difficult to handle?

Well, I’m here to tell you that Jesus is with you. He meets you in the middle of it. 

There’s nothing that gives Him more joy than to hold your hand, wipe your tears, hold you close, and whisper comforting words in the middle of your pain. 

9. The Word of God holds all of life’s answers!

The answer key is found in the Bible and we have access to it. 

God doesn’t make us wonder. And He certainly doesn’t expect us to figure it out on our own.

He’s given us a resource. But the sad reality is that many believers don’t use it.

There’s no need to struggle any longer. Find your answers in the Word spoken from the lips of your God. 

10. God is able!

God is able to overcome any obstacle you are facing. God is able to handle the difficult situation before you right now.

God is able! 

I trust today’s post encouraged you. Remembering these important biblical truths can set us on a new pathway and can lift us from our despair.

Please pass it on. And write your comments in the comment section. We need to hear from you.


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