Someone once said that I am a modern day prophet. I’m not sure about that, but every once in a while, a message is burning within my soul that I must speak. Today is one of those days.

I realize that there have been countless messages on this upcoming election and you are probably saying to yourself, “I can’t wait until it’s over.” Me too!

But I am thankful to those who have stood up within the Christian community – pastors, leaders, influencers – to make a stand for liberty. Oh how thankful I am.

So, what is my message today? Well, this morning as I began to seek God and pray for our country, I ran across words that Jude wrote to Christians. Here’s what he said:

Dear friends, I have been eagerly planning to write to you about the salvation we all share.
But now I find that I must write about something else, urging you to DEFEND THE FAITH

that God has entrusted once for all time to his holy people. 
Jude 3


Obviously Jude had an urgent message that was burning in his soul, too. He began with his own agenda, but was inspired to write about a matter that had to be addressed – something of grave importance. At the time of his writing, the church was under attack. False teachers and deceivers were worming their way into the church (Jude 4).

Jude’s words were not soft and weak, but hard and strong. If believers didn’t defend their faith – truth – then the church could never stand. It would fall!

Friends, we are in crisis mode, too. As you know, our beautiful country was founded on biblical principles, religious freedom, and morality. Under the direction of George Washington, many great leaders formed our Constitution.

And over the years, many have fought – and given their lives – to keep our freedom in tact.

But like the early church, our country’s freedom is under attack.

The two running for president couldn’t be further apart on issues. And if we’re not careful, we can have those Christian liberties stripped from us. Of course, there is much more at stake than just religious freedom, but I feel God wants me to talk about our faith.

Your faith and my faith are at the core of who we are. We have the freedom to worship openly, share Christ openly (except in some places), and live our lives the way God tells us to live. We were born in this country and our founding fathers went to great measures to secure our freedom. While this is just a little tiny dot on the bigger spectrum of our lives (our true citizenship is in heaven), this is where God has put us right now.

It is an honor and a privilege to live in this country. God has blessed us. But He won’t continue to bless us if we continue to push Him out and we become complacent.

Therefore, we MUST defend what God has entrusted to us. We MUST defend our religious liberties.

We need to think about our grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and their future. Do we want them to have the same rights we grew up with?

If you agree with me, then we have to stand up and do something. In this election, we need to look at the BIGGER picture. The candidates running are both flawed. Very flawed.

I’m VERY flawed as well. You are too. We’re ALL sinners and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

God is a forgiving God and can humble anyone. He can use ANYONE for His purposes. And He loves to choose the most flawed person of all.

In two weeks, a new president of the United States will be appointed.

But here’s the thing: we know that government can’t fix what’s been broken, especially when it’s ultimately a spiritual issue. Christians should give their full allegiance to Jesus, the One who sits on the highest throne. We also know that God is the One who controls this world and its leaders.

But let’s not forget that the next president can begin to change the destructive course we’re on.

Let me reiterate Jude’s words again: “We must defend the faith that God has entrusted to [us].” To me, this sounds like it’s our responsibility – our Christian duty.

We can make a difference. EACH vote counts.

God was at the center of the foundation of our country. Let’s keep Him there.

Look at both sides and choose which candidate will work on defending Christian liberty. Choose which candidate will defend the issues at the core of your faith. And then cast your vote.

Last night, I went to the theater for the “Revive Us” gathering. Great men and women of faith spoke up – Dr. Ben Carson, Francis Chan, James MacDonald, Jennifer Rothschild and Kirk Cameron. Each of them encouraged us to act and get involved instead of being complacent.

And then Miss Clara – from War Room – prayed just like she did in the movie. She prayed that God would raise up prayer warriors, men and women to make a stand for Christ. She passionately poured out her heart as she prayed that God would raise up the church. Powerful evening. 

Here’s a formula that ALWAYS works: PRAY – LET GOD’S WORD DICTATE OUR ACTIONS – ACT.

I just couldn’t be quiet on this one. Don’t listen to the media, but listen to your heart. 

My sphere of influence is very small compared other leaders. So, would you help me to expand it with this message? Would you pass it on?

Trusting God for HIS outcome in two weeks.


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