Why do some people get healed of cancer and others lose the battle? Why do some peoples’ prayers get answered quickly and we’re still praying for our answer?

Why do some find a way out of the desert and we’re still wandering in it? Why have some friends seen their lives fall into place, while ours is falling apart?

I can relate to all of these scenarios, can you?

Does this mean that some people are more important to God than others? That He hears some prayers and ignores others?


That is not the God we serve. Here’s the thing: God orchestrates everything in our lives. David says, “He saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment laid out before a single day had passed” (Psalm 139:16).

This is called the Sovereignty of God. And sovereignty means “dominance, dominion and preeminence.”

Before you were born, God had every day planned out. He knew every prayer ahead of time. He believed in you before you believed in Him.


No one is better than another in God’s eyes.

So, when we question, when we doubt, and when we get frustrated because we haven’t seen healing or answered prayer, we need to simply go back to what we know is TRUTH.

TRUTH about God!

Sometimes going back to the basics is the best thing we can do.

Here are 4 things we need to focus on today, especially as the questions loom:

1. God is seated on the throne!

This means that He is the one in control. We learn in Scripture that God rules over the nations (Psalm 22:28), and He also rules over men (Daniel 4:17).

But what about our control nature? Don’t we often live at the controls of our lives? I mean, we think that because it’s our life, we should control it.

And so many believers live that way.

I think that we struggle more with the uncertainties and the disillusionment of life when we seek to control the intricate details of our lives.

But, God has given each of us a free will. We can choose to let God at the controls, or we can choose to navigate on our own.

Here’s the thing: When we allow God at the controls of our life, things work out much better, with less frustration. Not only does God want to rule over our daily affairs, but He chooses to do it in a way that is best for us.

So, will you give God the place He deserves to be – on the throne of your heart? Trust me, He knows what He’s doing.

2. God is good!

One characteristic of God’s character is that He is good. It’s not that He does good sometimes, but that He IS good.

Everything about God – the way He handles His affairs and His actions – is good. He is the source of all good.

When something bad happens, we often question the goodness of God. “Where was God in the midst of it? How could God do this to me?

It’s important to note that God didn’t bring the bad, but He will bring good out of it. This is important to reflect on because it may just give us a whole new perspective as we look at the intrusive situation in our life.

So here’s a great exercise. In light of what’s going on in your life, write down how you see the goodness of God. You may have to look hard, but you will find it if you look.

And then ask God to bring His good out of it. This is always thrilling for Him since He loves to show up in ways that make us marvel.

3. God is love!

God embodies perfect love. He is LOVE!

It’s His character.

You may not be able to wrap your mind around His all-consuming love, but He loves you all the same. He loves you when you mess up, when you get yourself in a pickle, and when you question His ways. He loves you when you sin.

His love is poured out on us like a waterfall.

Embrace it today, because that alone will help you get a better grasp on unanswered questions.

5) God is just!

A modern-day judge has the ability to pass judgment down when a wrong has been committed. God does too! But He sits on the highest throne and His judgments are always perfect.

Because God is a just God, He will always make a wrong right. Especially things committed against His people.

Paul says, “In his justice he will pay back those who persecute you” (2 Thessalonians 1:6).

Aren’t you glad that God has your back? That He is on your side?

So as I wrap up today’s post, I want you to know that while we may not understand why things are happening this way and we have many questions, God is still the same today as He was yesterday.

He has a reason for everything. His timing is perfect. Don’t look at other’s, but keep your focus on the truth presented here today – the TRUTH about God. 

Faith plays a huge part in it. And if you want to know about how to exert a strong faith, you’ll want to get my Fearless Faith Bible study. Bible Studies/Fearless FaithYou will LOVE it and it will help you get through some of the difficulties. We certainly need to know about our faith since this is what pleases God (Hebrews 11:6).

I hope today’s topic helped you in some way. And please pass it on to others.


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