Many of us have been glued to the television set watching the Olympics these past couple weeks. Well, to be honest – I haven’t given up life to watch the athletes compete against other world athletes, but I have enjoyed a few events.

I’ve been blown away by the USA Women’s gymnastics team. usagym-5667021190We’re talking about five powerhouse girls who have succeeded in making our country proud. Their parents have to be reveling as well.

I thought about each of the world-class athletes. One thing we often hear them say is that they have worked their entire life for this moment of glory. They trained hard. Really hard! Of course, they had their mind set on one future time: the Olympic Games. And for the truly remarkable ones, they saw their dreams come to fruition. 

They arrived in Rio full of excitement and apprehension. And, of course, nerves! Why? Because in the end, it all came down to one shot. ONE SHOT! wwwclickholecom_Would they cave under pressure? Would they be able to hold it together? Would they be kept from injuring themselves? Would they stand upon the podium with a medal around their neck? 

A lifetime of unbelievable hard work for a few minutes. They would be given ONE SHOT. 

Did you know that we’ve been given one shot as well? We’ve been given one shot at living our life for Christ. I’m turning sixty next year and I can tell you that life goes really fast. Too fast.

One day, I’ll stand before Christ to give an account of my actions here on this earth (Romans 14:12). The way I lived! And the rewards for living a Christ-centered life will be far grander than a gold medal.  

I long to see Jesus smile and say, “Well done good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23)

I want to know that I’ve pleased Him with my life.

So, I ask myself…

  • Have I forgiven those who’ve hurt me?
  • Am I careful with words? Words that encourage and not tear down?
  • Do I trust God, or am I worried and fretful?
  • Am I letting God’s Word guide me today?
  • Do I stand in judgement of others or do I love?
  • Am I living to please myself or God?
  • How am I using my gifts? For the furtherance of the Kingdom, or for personal gain?
  • Am I getting along with people?
  • Where is my focus? On the things of the earth, or on the things of heaven?
  • Am I letting my sinful nature win, or am I throwing off everything that hinders me?

There are many more questions I could ask myself. But here’s the thing: we should be committed to living our lives the way Scripture tells us. We only have one life and it’s for our good if we live it bring honor and praise to our Father.

Paul tells us that if the work we do survives the great fire (and it will survive if we use divine materials to build with – 1 Corinthians 3:12-13), then we will receive a reward (1 Corinthians 3:14). Imagine what that reward will be!

God has given us the best resource for Christ-centered living. It’s important we utilize it. 

I’ve thought about things I wish I could do again. If given the chance, I would try to do them better. I would seek to honor God in everything.

But here’s an important life-fact: We can’t get yesterday back. Once today is gone, we can’t go back and try to do it better. And there is no guarantee we have tomorrow.

We’ve got one shot! One shot right now, today. 

So here’s my questions: Will you give it all you’ve got, like the Olympians do? Will you give Christ-centered living your best shot?

Start fresh! Start today!

I’m gonna try. I hope you do, too.


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