Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

  • Overwhelming circumstances
  • Busyness
  • Relationship woes
  • Struggling faith
  • Ministry hardships
  • Family problems
  • Bondage
  • Addiction

Something tells me that you can relate to some or all of them, whether in the past or right now. I can, too. For that reason, I’m starting this Bible study blog to give you weekly encouragement and inspiration from God’s Word.

I’m sitting at my computer silently praying to the Holy Spirit asking Him to give me something profound, creative, and awe-inspiring to tell you about this new Bible study blog. It was then I heard a quiet voice say, “Sheryl, just tell them what I’ve put on your heart.” So here goes…

One morning recently when I was in prayer and writing in my journal, God said to me,” There’s a huge famine in the church, especially in America’s church. They have substituted My Word for other things.” Oh my goodness. These words kept ringing in my ears over and over.

I thought about the years I’ve spent writing and teaching Bible studies. We’ve seen breakthrough in so many lives. But here’s the reality: the need is much bigger and expands far beyond our influence. As I sought God and asked Him what we could do, He put on my heart to begin a Bible study blog. A place where people will be fed, hearts healed, spirits reawakened, and deep needs met. And a place where the gospel will be proclaimed! Only God’s Word can do that!

This blog will include inspirational posts as well as Bible study lessons that you can work through. 

The emotions I’m feeling at this moment are all over the chart. This task is huge… bigger than anything I’ve ever done. But with your encouragement and prayer support, God will use it for His glory in spite of my frailty. So, let’s get started… First, would you subscribe to the blog? Second, would you share it with your friends? And third, would you please pray with me?  Pray that God would bless it in ways far beyond our understanding.

And remember, this is all for the glory of God!


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