By now, you’ve probably seen the movie War Room. Maybe more than once. And, like me, you may have listed it at the top of your all-time favorite movies. 

It’s truly amazing how a movie on prayer could make such a huge impact.

The acting was superb, the story line touching, and the topic unsurpassed. I found myself laughing, crying, and clapping all at the same time. 

It wasn’t an accident that this movie came out at a time such as this – a time when the war is escalating and God is looking for warriors willing to fight. 

In the movie, Miss Clara, leads young Elizabeth Jordan on a prayer journey to fight for her marriage. She demonstrates beautifully that prayer is the only thing that can heal the brokenness in both her heart and her husband’s heart.

Miss Clara speaks great truth. Here are a couple things she says:

You need to do your fighting in prayer!

You got to plead with God so that He can do only what He can do, and then you got to get out of the way and
let Him do

Such truth in those words! The enemy is advancing! 

Marriages are falling apart, children are being deceived, churches are splitting down the middle, people are hurting each other, believers are compromising, circumstances are becoming overwhelming, and so many are losing hope. 

These things are becoming more prevalent as time moves forward and God’s prophetic word comes to fruition.

But, I’m here to tell you – don’t give up. JUST FIGHT! 

James writes: “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). Do you believe this?

Anyone who believes these words is sure to spend a great amount of time in prayer fighting. 

The idea of having a prayer room has been around for centuries. Perhaps it comes from Jesus’ words: “When you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen” (Mark 6:6).

Like Miss Clara, I took these words literally when I was in college. I couldn’t find a quiet place to be alone with God, so I climbed into my closet, closed the door, and prayed. It wasn’t a walk-in closet either. It was small and crowded, but I made room.

I felt so close to God in that place as I poured out my heart in prayer.

IMG_2424I now have a whole Prayer Room (that I’ve renamed WAR ROOM). But, of course, not everyone has that luxury. However, I’m sure you have a closet, or a corner somewhere, or a little space that you can meet with God everyday. A place you can designate your War Room.

Will you find a place, if you haven’t already? A place to fight!

Here are a couple benefits to having a War Room:

It’s quiet with little to no distractions.

Jesus would often sneak away for that quiet place of aloneness with His Father (Matthew 14:23). During the day, He was surrounded by people and ministry, so He needed that time with no distractions. 

We are distracted by many things. In this place, it’s just you, God, your Bible (and perhaps a journal). 

You can speak the Word out loud. You can worship in oneness with your God. 

Having a War Room is a sanctuary.

It’s a place to fight using the tools God has given to us – Prayer and the Word of God.

In my War Room, I have pieces of paper with Scripture verses just like in the movie. I insert my loved one’s names into the verse as it applies. IMG_2426

I write out prayers and post them on my bulletin board. 

Using prayer and God’s Word is a sure way to see victory in your life and in the lives of those you’re praying for.

I have so much more to say on utilizing your War Room, so I will continue this topic in the weeks to come. 

But our upcoming Bible study on Joshua will take us further into this war and guide us in this fight. We launch on January 22nd. Make sure to follow us, and please encourage your friends to join this blog so they, too, can benefit from the Bible study. 

Love and blessings,

Upcoming Bible study 
Joshua: Heaven’s Mighty Warrior
Launches January 22, 2016

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