I’ve been teaching Romans on Facebook Live on Thursday’s. Today’s topic comes from last week’s message.

Imagine waking up in the hospital one day and having no idea who you are. You have no identification, you can’t remember your past, your family, or your name. You simply cannot remember anything at all.

We certainly cannot imagine that, can we?

Well, it did happen to Benjamin Kyle. In 2004 he was found behind a Burger King savagely beaten and left for dead. Someone found him and took him to the hospital. When he woke up two weeks later, he had no idea who he was or where he came from. For the next 7 years, he had no recollection of his identity. Dr. Phil brought national attention to his story and still, no one came forward.

Amnesia stole his identity.

Let me ask you…

Have you ever had your identity stolen? I mean, for real! We’ve heard horrifying stories of this happening to innocent victims. But most likely, it has never happened to you. At least not in an earthly sense.

But in the spiritual sense? It’s happened to most, if not, all of us. Jesus says, “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10). So that makes Satan the original “identity” thief.

Satan is a master at taking things that don’t belong to him. 

It’s his absolute goal to erase our identity in Christ.

It’s called spiritual amnesia. We know who we are. But we forget. And we live as though we forget.

The devil uses all sorts of tools to accomplish his purpose: the opinions of other people, our past, hurt and pain, media, the culture, and our own thoughts.

In other words, we often let these things determine our identity. We think we are what others have said about us, the victim of our past, what the culture says we should be, or who we imagine ourselves to be.

Satan wants us to forget our true identity because that makes us weak and feeble believers. Satan wants to keep us victims, rather than victorious in Christ.

If he succeeds in stealing our true identity, then he’s won in so many ways. 

He says stuff like…

  • You will always be who you used to be
  • You’re a victim
  • You’re stupid
  • You’re not important
  • You deserve what happened
  • You’re guilty
  • You’re not pretty
  • You’re don’t measure up to so and so
  • You’re not loved

These are lies and if we believe them, then we become powerless for God’s kingdom work. And isn’t that what Satan wants?

Here’s a truth we should NEVER forget… We have NO power in this Christian life if we DO NOT embrace who we are in Christ.

So, who are we? Here are a few examples…

If you’re having trouble with your true identity, then make sure to read these verses out loud as often as you need to. Read them until they sink down into our soul and become a part of WHO you are.

Friends, we have an identity. A glorious identity. It’s who we are in Christ. Therefore, we don’t have to let Satan take it from us. Let’s determine together to reclaim our identity. 

The robe Jesus wore – and the robe stripped off of Him at the cross – was His identity. He wore that robe and filled it with all His righteousness, purity, and goodness. In order to embrace our identity in Christ, we need to go to the cross, pick up His robe, and put it on. That way we’re putting on the righteousness of Christ – His identity. 

Ponder Colossians 3:5-14. You may want to write down a list of things you should take off and things you should put on. This exercise will help you understand your true identity.

When we put on Jesus’ robe of righteousness, He takes our old identities of sin and offers us His identity of sinlessness. That means that we will no longer be slaves to our sin. Sin will no longer have master over us. 

So, let’s reclaim what has been given to us! Let’s live in our true identity.

Let’s become greater sword bearers for the cross of Christ.

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