I heard a speaker once say that we should never put a lid on our spiritual box. This made me think of how I’ve done just that. I grew up in a traditional church, with conservative views. While I’m proud of my heritage and the biblical foundation I received in my growing-up years, I realized that I had stuffed my beliefs into a box, crammed a lid on top, and tucked it safely under my bed. Hence, there was no wiggle room – no more space – to experience more. I was satisfied with what I knew about God, His ways, and His purposes. So, I closed the lid.

But then I heard those words from that speaker. As I did some soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that it was wrong to close up my box. Why? Because God is REALLY BIG. In fact, He’s much BIGGER than my little theological box. When God revealed that to me, I crouched under my bed, slid out my make-believe box and removed the lid. God has more to teach me, I’m sure of it. But of course, I still test everything through Scripture – since there’s so much false theology permeating the church today – before endorsing it.

God’s redemptive purposes trace all the way back to the book of Genesis. As we pour over Scripture, we find that God often goes to the uttermost places to bring people redemption. He scours the countryside and invites anyone in – anyone who will believe. It doesn’t matter where they’ve come from, what despicable things they’ve done, or what culture they’ve been immersed in. And sometimes these people have been used mightily for God’s purposes.

God’s redemptive purposes are a mystery to us. We surely cannot understand how God works. But it’s fascinating to watch Him use people in Scripture that we would consider unlikely candidates. Rahab is one of those people. Her story is found in Joshua 2 and Joshua 6. I’m excited to teach my Bible study on Joshua this fall ONLINE beginning Sept. 25th. Please consider joining us. You will not be disappointed.

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I wanted to give you a glimpse into what we’ll be studying about Rahab this fall. Just a glimpse…

Remember that Rahab was a harlot from Jericho and a foreigner, yet God’s redemptive purposes fell upon her. Remember, too, that we can see God’s redemptive purposes for us through the stories in the Bible. We find four amazing things about Rahab and God’s redemptive purposes (you’ll need to remove the lid from your box to see it)…

Rahab’s favor!

God poured out His favor on Rahab because of her faith. He kept her and her family safe from the destruction of her city.

Rahab’s legacy!

As we get older, we think about what kind of legacy we want to leave behind after we’re gone. Someone recently told that she is working tirelessly on photo books she wants to leave for her grandchildren – a worthy gift, no doubt. But in Rahab’s day, there was no such thing as cameras. However, I believe her legacy is far more valuable than pictures anyway.

Click on these verses and read what the New Testament writers said about Rahab: Hebrews 11:31, James 2:25. In both cases, it was Rahab’s faith that made headlines in the New Testament and has made indelible impressions upon the Church. A lasting legacy!

Rahab’s lineage!

We find two geneologies in the New Testament. Both of them show the line that Jesus came from. Rahab is listed in Matthew’s geneology: Matthew 1:5. There’s not a more glorious picture of God’s redemptive purposes than this right here. Rahab, the prostitute, is the great-grandmother to David. Ner name is listed among some truly godly people.

Cool, huh?

Rahab’s inheritance!

Rahab went from pauper to princess, so to speak, when she was given a rightful place among God’s people. We read that after the collapse of her city, the spies she hid on her roof, went into her house and brought her out. Joshua 6:25 says that Rahab lived among the Israelites for the rest of her life.

In other words, she was given all the rights, privileges, and rewards the Israelites were awarded in their new land. But the best inheritance she received for her faith was a life of eternity in heaven with God. Something tells me that she felt wealthy beyond anything she had ever dreamed of.

*** In our Bible study on Joshua (sign up here), we will discover how we have become part of God’s redemptives purposes as well. I can’t wait to see what God unearths for us.

Make sure to REMOVE the lid ofF your spiritual box because God has so much more for YOU.

Hope you’ll join us on Sept. 25th.


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