A few weeks ago, I asked God to give me HIS message to the Church after the election. No matter who was elected. So, I composed two messages. They were both nice and heartfelt. 

This message is directed to the Church. 

On November 8, 2016, in the early morning hours, a new President of the United States was voted in: Donald J. Trump. 

For many Christians, this would not have been their first choice. Or second, or third, or fourth. I was thinking back to the days of Moses. He was born an Israelite but grew up in the palace of Pharaoh, murdered an Egyptian, and fled the country when Pharaoh sought to kill him. For 40 years, he lived in an obscure town in the middle of the desert. He tended sheep.

Then at 80 years of age, God gave him the biggest job of his life. He was to go back to Egypt and deliver God’s people. Imagine the scene and the looks on peoples’ faces when he arrived in town and told them of God’s plan. Laughter! Skepticism! Doubts! Mockery! Certainly the people had heard the story of Moses over the years. I’m guessing he was a hated man among his own people.

Surely God was joking, right?

But, He wasn’t joking. He was very serious. Moses learned a lot in the process and became a humble man. God used him in mighty ways and of course, he’s gone down in the chronicles of Scripture as a great man of faith. His face may not be carved into the side of Mount Rushmore, but his story is listed in the Hall of Faith Museum (Hebrews 11:24-29).

Now, hear me out. I’m not saying that Donald Trump is a Moses. But perhaps he is God’s servant for our country and for the Church at this time? And if he is, let’s remember that God’s choice usually doesn’t match up with ours. He’s known to go outside the box.

I’ve said many times during the campaign that we needed a bull running against a corrupt system, not a lamb. And if you’re still questioning if this is from God, then look again at all that happened. In all human reasoning, he should never have won. And he didn’t just win, but he overwhelmingly won.

He said some things that made us all shake our heads and question his character. His life was put under a microscope. But in the end, he was still standing and reaching the people by the boatloads. 

Okay, so where am I going with this? Whether we like it or not, Donald J. Trump is our next president.

The Church cried out. The Church prayed. The Church voted.

And God intervened.

Paul tells us that “The authorities that exist have been established by God” (Romans 13:1).  


The task before Mr. Trump is enormous, but something tells me that he and his comrades are up for the challenge. He’s been known to pick good people around him. And he will have a unified house and senate to work with.

Here’s what I believe about our next president…

– He will do what he said he would do.
– He loves our country.
– He loves the American people.

And I believe that God put him here for a time such as this.

So, now what? Where do we go? What do we do?

Here are a few suggestions…

1. Let go of anger! Hurtful things are often said in anger. And plenty has already been said. Anger doesn’t accomplish anything.

2. Put judgement aside! Your sister may have voted differently or disagrees with you, but that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. 

3. Don’t engage in arguing! Arguing divides and causes hard feelings. Discussion is good, but not when it turns to arguing.

4. Pray! Pray for our new president and the leaders over our country. Pray for protection, wisdom, and discernment. Pray that God would lead them. Pray as God shows you.

5. Stay involved! Be a voice for the Church (the Kingdom and Judaeo-Christian values), for the unborn, for the people. Get involved in your community and your local body of believers. Speak up. Vote. 

6. Live with a thankful heart! Being thankful can change our attitude and our mindset. We should be thankful for the country we live in, the freedom we enjoy, and the God we serve.

7. Trust God! Remember, God is still God, He is still seated on the throne, and He’s still in control. 

We have seen division in all areas: the country, the church, the family, friendships, relationships. Let’s be instrumental in restoring that crack, rather than making it wider.

And while we’re at it, let’s keep our eyes peeled. God is up to something BIG. 

Have a blessed day…

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