We briefly looked at this topic earlier in our study, but today I want to investigate servanthood a little deeper since it’s an important subject in Scripture.

Presentation1Let me begin by saying that the one being served is blessed, but the one serving is blessed the most. If you’ve been on both sides, you may be nodding your head in agreement. You know!

Take in mind that what we’re learning about Joshua is preparing him for the biggest challenge and work of his life.

What early position did Joshua hold, according to Numbers 11:28?

Now, let’s look at the context. Read Numbers 11:26-29. What do you learn about Moses and Joshua?

We learn that Joshua was Moses’ aide from his youth. We don’t know how old he was at this recording, but he was still serving Moses.

As the leader of the Israelites, I imagine Moses’ plate was pretty full. It must have been wonderful having Joshua helping with his needs. Perhaps Joshua got things ready for Moses when he arrived at the tabernacle for daily sacrifices, brought him food, handled some of the administrative stuff, and kept the place neat and orderly.

Joshua took the load off Moses and did whatever needed to be done. Something tells me that he also did it with joy.

Joshua looked up to Moses as his esteemed leader and mentor. But remember, Joshua was still young and had a lot to learn.

I’ve often said that you need to be a follower before becoming a leader.Presentation2

Everyone needs to learn from others who are more mature. Moses had been through a lot and had matured in his faith since the days tending sheep. And the situation before us today is a perfect example of someone younger learning from someone older and wiser.

What does Numbers 12:3 tell you about Moses?

Compare what you just learned about Moses with Numbers 11:29.

In this case, I think Joshua was just looking out after his leader. Moses was the one who had a front row seat to God’s throne room, and was the one who usually spoke on behalf of God. I think Joshua felt it was his responsibility to look out after Moses. So, when two men rose up and began to prophesy, he thought they should be stopped.

He certainly did not understand the all-encompassing power of God and His Spirit. And he didn’t see that the Spirit really did rest on them. But Moses – who was much more in tune with Go – did.

Another thing we cannot overlook is that Moses shows great security in his role as leader. Leaders who are secure in the position God has placed them in never get jealous of others using their gifts.

Moses said to Joshua, “I wish that all the LORD’S people were prophets and that the LORD would put his Spirit on them” (Numbers 11:29).

Joshua probably did not know that by serving Moses, God was preparing him for his future work. And he was learning from the humblest of all men on the earth.

When I joined the women’s team at my church recently, I was asked if I wanted to mentor or to be mentored. Since I do so much mentoring, I chose to learn from someone older and wiser. So, I was paired up with the wife of our former pastor. She is eighty-eight years old.

I had never met Libby before, but when we sat down for lunch, I was incredibly moved by her story. She is the author of many books, a former pilot, and still teaches a woman’s study at 6:30 in the morning. She is one of the most humble women I have ever met. And she certainly demonstrates a servant heart. 

I have had many mentors in my life. And I’ve learned valuable lessons from each of them as I continue to follow God and lead His people into the Word of God. Oh how thankful I am that I, like Joshua, could sit under such great servants.

Do you have a mentor you can look up to? A humble servant? If not, make sure to find one.

Later in life, Joshua probably looked back and thanked God for the lessons he learned from his very humble teacher, Moses.  

We will continue with this topic next week.

I surely hope you are enjoying your study in Joshua. And remember that everything we learn, we will seek to apply it to our lives.

Until Next Time,


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