We continue today with observing how God’s plan was put into motion…

Last week, we looked at the four hundred years the Israelites lived in slavery in Egypt. As time went on, the hardships became unbearable and their struggles began to surface.

So, they cried out to God.

And, of course, God would never let His people live in slavery forever. He had a plan! A glorious plan!

At the conclusion of their four hundred years in Egypt, the nation numbered over 2 million people.

How did the Israelites respond to the harsh labor imposed on them (Exodus 2:23)?

How did God react to their groaning (Exodus 2:24-25)?

Read Exodus 3:1-10.

Moses was an unlikely candidate for this massive work. He was raised in the Egyptian palace of Pharaoh, but fled from that country some forty years earlier after killing a man (Exodus 2:11-15). Moses ended up in Midian and settled there. We don’t learn much about his life during that time, but we do know that he tended sheep.

Something tells me that life in Midian had become comfortable, and perhaps peaceful. I doubt he ever wanted to go back to Egypt. But, of course, God had other plans.

Answer the following questions based on Exodus 3:7-8:

What was God’s plan?

What was God’s promise?

Write out the description of the land God would give to His people.

God described a land that was rich, fertile and desirable—a land He would give to His people for their enjoyment. Imagine the joy in their hearts when they heard this. God was not only going to deliver them from the harsh conditions of Egypt, but He was giving them a beautiful land. A land they could call their own. A land they could put down roots.  Such hope in their otherwise gloomy world.

The promise and hope God gave to the Israelites is a picture of what He’s promised us.

Give a brief description of our future home based on Revelation 21:1-4.

Not long ago, my friend and her family went on a mission trip to Haiti. As my friend ministered among the people, she was drawn to this one particular lady—a lady who lived in squalor conditions, but radiated joy. When my friend asked her what gave her such joy, she simply stated that she kept her eyes focused on the life awaiting her—her new home in heaven. 

Imagine that!

The people of God were struggling to survive in Egypt. The conditions were horrible.

So, I’m guessing that once they heard the good news, they surely must have kept their eyes focused on their Promised Land.

Describe the land you live in right now. What are the good things? What are the bad things?

We may live in America, the land of plenty, but we also live in a fallen world—a world where sin is rampant. And in this place, we face hurt, pain, temptation, and disease every day. But the good news is that God has promised to take us away from all this one day—to a true Promised Land.Presentation1

A land far better than we’ve ever known.

The other day, I wrote in my journal what God said to me. Here’s a short excerpt:

“Remember child that one day there will be no more pain or sorrow. There will be no more dark nights or dreary days. One day you’ll have a brand new body perfectly suited for heaven. And in this place, you’ll be reunited with your loved ones – they are waiting for your arrival – and you will meet many new ones. Your life in heaven will far exceed anything you’ve ever experienced on earth. It will all be yours one day and the rewards for a faithful life will be poured out.” 

Aren’t you excited? I know I can hardly wait.

New BOC coverIf you would like to study more about what awaits us, along with some of the end-time things, then you’ll want to get our Bride of Christ Bible study. This study parallels the ancient wedding customs with today’s Church, Christ’s Bride. 

So let me ask you: Will you do as so many others have done? Will you fix your eyes on what’s ahead, what God has promised?

Write down how you will do this.

Stay with me as we continue to move closer to God fulfilling one of the greatest promises ever recorded in Scripture.

Write down what you gained from today’s lesson. What did God speak to you about?

Love and Blessings,


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