Before we move forward into the first battle, there is one more detail we need to learn about Joshua. An important one!

What do you learn about Joshua’s name in Numbers 13:16?

The Hebrew name Joshua means, “Yahweh is salvation, deliverer.” Here’s the interesting thing: The name Jesus is the Greek derivative of Joshua. Many scholars believe that Joshua was a type of Christ. In addition to his name, here are a few comparisons just for example:

Joshua Jesus
Servant of Moses Took on the nature of a servant (Philippians 2:6-7).
Commander of Israel Commander of heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18).
Led Israel into their Promised Land Will lead His people to their awaited Promised Land (John 14:2-3).
Mighty conqueror The mighty conqueror over sin and death (1 Corinthians 15:57).
A faithful leader Our merciful and faithful high priest (Hebrews 2:17).

Jesus Risen Savior Easter Graphics Christian PowerPointJesus is the central theme throughout the entire Bible.

The Old Testament points toward the Messiah who would come to deliver His people from sin and death.
The Gospels (Matthew – John) show the fulfillment of the Messiah.
Acts follows the expansion of the early church with Jesus as the foundation.
The Epistles (Romans – 3 John) look back at Jesus, the cross and His resurrection.
Revelation looks toward the future prophesies about Jesus.

Obviously, we can certainly see the picture of Christ in Joshua.

How does this truth open up Scripture to you?

Now let’s move into the first battle. This is the first time in Scripture we encounter Joshua. And it’s also the first battle recorded. Read Exodus 17:8-16 and summarize briefly.

I have read this story many times. And each time, my heart skips a couple beats. Remember that everything we read in the Old Testament is a picture of our lives today. And this passage surely shows us the battle each of face daily – the battle of our flesh against God’s greatest enemy.

This isn’t just a picture of the battle we face, but it’s also a picture of how we can emerge a victor.

Let’s look a little deeper…

Who was chosen to be the commander on the battlefield (verse 9)?

According to Exodus 17:9-10, where was Moses, Aaron and Hur positioned?

What did Joshua fight with, according to Exodus 17:13?

Did the Israelites see victory this day? Explain.

There are two important things happening in this battle we need to address. One is on top of the hill, and the other is down in the valley. Next week we will examine them both exclusively, but today I want you to write down your evaluations. 

Read through Exodus 17:8-16 again and record everything you see in both places:

On top of the hill…

In the valley…

Can you take away something from today’s lesson that is relevant to your life, or something you can apply to your life? What?

Until next time,

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